I have a New Site, Please Read

Hello everybody, I don’t know if you noticed that I changed my platform and now I’m self-hosted. My new domain is smartgirlymindset.com, I’m extremely happy with it, but unfortunately all my dear followers, you, are not able to keep seeing my content. I’m really sorry. Because I loved all the good comments and feedback that you all send me back then.

If you liked my content and would like to keep following my blogging, lifestyle, and positive posts, I would love it if you check out my new site. I would really appreciate having more people reading my posts and encouraging others whenever they need it.

I’m beyond grateful for every single one of you & would love to have you all visiting my new site. I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me and my blog in the past.

I really hope you’re all having an amazing day, night or evening. I hope to see you all on my new site! Much love, Amanda

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